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The innovative start-up integrating new technologies with sustainability criteria in the production and storage of electricity from renewable sources

Since 2015, renewable energy installations in Europe have brought investments of more than €100 billion

Energy 4 Future group

Le società, tramite la consolidata esperienza del gruppo RenX, una joint venture tra Clear Energy Srl ed il Gruppo Syma, si propone di sviluppare e realizzare progetti eolici e solari in Italia e in diversi Paesi europei.

Behind project development is a multidisciplinary team of energy, chemical, aerospace and management systems engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and managers with experience in corporate finance. A team of over 30 people spread over 5 countries, with a significant presence in Italy and Poland.

How Energy 4 Future works

In the development phase the company identifies one or more sites potentially suitable for the installation of the plants and takes care of the design and management of the authorization process up to the construction phase. E4F does not exclude the possibility of acquiring, on a temporary and/or permanent basis, old plants to be modernized and expanded.

Each of the company's projects aims to:


Exploit innovations to significantly improve the energy yield of plants


Promote the integration of plants with land protection activities


Minimise environmental impact and land use

Some examples of Energy 4 Future projects:


Agrovoltaic projects

The aim of the project is to achieve full coexistence of agriculture and photovoltaic electricity generation on the same plot of land (with mutual benefits in terms of overall land use efficiency). The objective is a "combined land use efficiency" to produce electricity from renewable sources at the same time and not to limit the use of land for agriculture and pastoralism.


Land monitoring with drones

Drones mount a thermal imaging camera that collects, using artificial intelligence techniques, the ground temperature. The data differs from satellite-derived data in that it has a higher resolution. This technology will enable local authorities to prevent forest fires and other similar phenomena. The data will also be available to farmers who will be able to access analysis services aimed at increasing agricultural production. But that's not all... Because drones with thermal imaging cameras can also monitor the possible overheating of certain components of photovoltaic systems, the heat loss of buildings, check the health of power lines, so that they can provide useful information for increasing efficiency in a wide range of applications. Drones can fly over forests, buildings and plants without any problems, are environmentally safe, produce no pollution and their batteries can be recharged at stations powered by green energy.

Phases and timelines for Energy 4 Future project development

The Energy 4 Future team

Marco Ferrara

Management Engineer with specialization in energy management (University of Genoa – Savona Campus) with 20 years of technical, managerial and entrepreneurial experience and a certified international track record, President of Syma Group Srl and CEO of RenX Group.

Igor Siccardi

Long-time entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector, President of the Clear Energy Srl Group, operating partner and financier of the RenX Group.

Silvia Morello

Administrative manager of RenX Italia Srl and Clear Energy Srl. She has extensive expertise in the areas of renewable energy plant management for all financial, administrative and corporate aspects.

Sylwia Hildegarda Bernaś

Dopo gli studi classici ed altre esperienze all’estero si è stabilita in Italia per quasi 20 anni, collaborando a vario titolo con diverse aziende in ambito commerciale. Nel 2017 rientra in Polonia e dal 2018 è Presidente e finanziatore di Syma Polska sp.zoo, società attiva nel settore IT, nella consulenza alle imprese e della mediazione immobiliare. Sovraintende tutte le attivita’ amministrative del gruppo RenX in  Polonia. 

Vito Vittore

Member of the Bar Association of the Province of Rome, founding partner of Legalia. Experienced in Italy and the UK, he has a consolidated experience in investment services, supporting banks, brokers and companies operating in the regulated capital market.

Alicja Gabryliszyn

 Ingegnere Chimico laureata presso il  Politecnico di Breslavia (Polonia), con specializzazione in gestione della produzione ed analisi dei sistemi industriali presso l’Universita’ Economica di Breslavia. Fa parte del team di Project Management di RenX in Polonia, dove coordina numerosi progetti di sviluppo energia rinnovabile in tutta Europa.

Alicja Mikuś

Energy Systems Engineer, with a great passion for solar energy, graduated from the Technical University of Wroclaw. She is a team leader in the Project Management department of RenX Group. In addition to international coordination activities, she is directly involved in the development of several hundred MWp of PV projects in Poland.

Stefano Morello

Chartered Accountant and Auditor, partner of ABM & Partners in Vicenza, in addition to ordinary business consulting, he is specialized in the areas of M&A and international contracts.

Samuele Viara

Aerospace Engineer (Polytechnic of Turin) with 20 years of technical and project management experience in the wind energy sector, and an effective track record of authorized and realized plants. Consultant of numerous realities of the sector, he is partner in several projects and operational director of RenX group.

Aleksandra Surmińska

Aleksandra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Silesian Polytechnic University (Gliwice) and a Master’s degree in Production and Technological Systems Engineering from the Economic University of Wroclaw. She is part of the Project Management team of RenX Group where he is responsible for cross-cutting projects, taking care of technical, technological, business and financing aspects. 

Piotr Protasiuk

Graduated in Economics from the Economic University of Wroclaw, specializing in Project Management. He is part of the Business Development team for the creation of new projects, negotiating land with public bodies and private entities. He supports the group’s activities in relations with investors, funds and energy companies.

Michal Krzak

Michal Krzak holds a degree in Economics – Administration and Finance from the Economic University of Wroclaw, specializing in General Management with a thesis on Crowdfunding. He is a founding partner and attorney of the Syma Group in Poland. He started several companies of the group overseeing all legal, business and administrative aspects. For RenX today he oversees the development activities of the Business Development team.

Giovanni Cis

Master degree in chemical engineering from the University of Bologna. Eclectic and polyglot engineer of long standing, his skills and experience range from chemistry to electricity. Today he is involved in the development of hundreds of MWp of photovoltaic projects and supervises the technical activities of the RenX group on all aspects related to the electrical connections in medium and high voltage (including the design of substations), and innovative developments related to storage technologies, hydrogen and Vehicle to Grid.

The campaign has a twofold objective:


To increase the base of members who want to fight global warming by sharing the vision of a world where the right to health, environmental and territorial protection, and virtuous and ethical behaviour are at the heart of the decisions of companies, associations and local authorities


Use the funds raised to finance concrete projects aimed at producing energy from photovoltaic and/or wind power plants in the European Union

Why invest in Energy 4 Future's equity crowdfunding campaign?


In the last five years, the renewable energy market has brought in investments of more than 100 billion euros (it is the market of the present and the future)


The use of innovative and competitive technologies guarantees high profitability of our plants


Our team is made up of engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, managers and has years of experience in the field of renewable energy sources


Energy 4 Future is the result of a joint venture (agreement) between different companies with an established track record in the sector


The investor is the protagonist of a project that aims to safeguard the health of the planet by combating global warming, pollution and the resulting social and economic injustices


Current national legislation encourages investment in innovative start-ups. Those who invest in the project, whether natural or legal persons, can have access to the deductions and deductions provided for their specific case, as per current legislation

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